Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekend in my City

City beautiful as they say, Chandigarh is one of the best cities in India. Clean and green it looks when someone comes from outside the city. Wide roads and round abouts appear to be the feature of this city. Not too bad traffic adds a pleasure to drive through the roads with trees planted on the side. A City that is laid back people reckon who come here for various reasons from Metropolitan cities. A lot to see around the city like the famous rose garden, rock garden, the Sukhna lake, leisure valley, sector 17 plaza, geri route, shastri market of sector 22, and not to miss the happening Panjab University. So that gives a mixed opinion of this city; a lot to see yet too slow as the midnight arrives early for roads and the markets.
Life seem to be on the extremity as I observe people of all classes. There are people who are rolling in luxury with high end SUVs cruising on the roads. They don’t care about what their future will be as all they need is what they already have. Roaming aimlessly on the streets, what they really care is what new gadget has arrived in the market, what gift they shall give to their partners, figuring out the new places to go on a date and much more to explore. Gosh!! They are really busy..poor fellows no time for anything else.
On the other hand there are people who don’t know that will they be able to eat their next meal. They put all the hard work to earn a living and give their family something to satisfy their stomachs. Some clever people have risen from the baseline through unfair means; don’t take away credit from them as they too have worked hard for what they are now.
It’s a Saturday morning and people have started crowding the markets and the leisure places. Wide roads seem to be narrow as the public transport seems to be bugging the dashing cars on the roads. Some are going for their office (Poor people have their Saturdays working). While others seem to be in a hurry though they don’t have anything special to achieve. All you can see is that there is an urgency in the traffic with noise of horns and special horns. Some composed people understand that something is not right with the traffic and they should let them pass through. They become the victim of the traffic chaos and the deafening horns though they might be going to some calm place to relax.
Its noon now and traffic conditions seems to be improving a bit. The parking outside the government offices and banks are on all time high as it’s their half day today. They too have the right to enjoy their weekend. Anxious people waiting in long queues for their turns to come as the counter may close any time now. Same is the situation for the ticket counter for the most happening movie as they tickets may be sold out.
Shadows are getting longer now and everything seems to be moving smoothly. People are settled down now. Some have achieved what they wanted to and some returned home as they were a bit too late for their official work. Some have done quite a shopping and bought all the stuff till the next week ends. Some returns from their short trip to outskirts of the city. Some had a mixed day. Nevertheless the day was satisfying as there is always a next time. And more importantly tomorrow is a Sunday. A day to forget worries and just relax.

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Sangeeta said...

Aptly defines City Beautiful.