Monday, July 18, 2011


Life Clock


I am a baby I love being pampered

I don’t want my toys to be tampered

I need someone to take care of me

Mom and dad that’s the world for me


I am a teen I love my friends

No matter what I follow my trends

Life is cool freedom is all that matters

Moving with the winds like unaddressed letters


I am a father I love being with my kid

Life full of concerns like an endless grid

Securing the future is now life’s reason

Keeping everyone happy in all seasons


I am too old now, too old for any desire

Life has passed like forest under the fire

I see back time smiling on my fate

Too little a time everything being too late


Life is a puzzle too hard to resolve

Let the time try our worries to dissolve

Remember God has everything planned

Let the clock of life tick our lives’ strand 


1 comment:

Sangeeta said...

Well said :) Life is too short and not to be taken seriously at all .