Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Unable to Stay..Unwilling to Leave..

Sometimes I wonder what m I doing without you

Through all these days all along myself and no you

Unable to stay but unwilling to leave

It’s not easy to live and hard to believe

All my thoughts that carry some memories along

Finds no one except u so far so long

I still wonder whether it was a dream

Or some fairy tale that has lost its stream

Of all the sweetest things in life

There is no one except you I find

I can still feel you wrapped comfortably in my arms

With the silence that was worth a thousand words

Where are you my love where are those charms

Of all the things I find ask about you and the birds

You would find a no better place to stay than my heart

Where I would keep you safely and give this story anew start

Feel me I m still there just a thought away from you

So lonely so helpless nothing’s much I can do

Just a hope alive that I may find you one fine day

Seasons changed oceans drained, for you here I stay

1 comment:

Megha Gupta said...

another wonderful post!!
unable to stay unwilling to leave...says i all...isnt it!!
hats off to u!